Software Services Overview

We understand that plasma and blood donor centers, hospitals, and laboratories are under enormous pressure to implement projects on-time and on-budget with limited resources. Successfully installing software and integrating systems that meet your needs is a process that requires care and attention. Our software services team can help by providing qualified professionals who understand the specific challenges of the blood management industry and work with you to achieve your goals. In fact, our Service 360® brand initiative exemplifies the goal of our software services team to achieve and convey our commitment to you by delivering a positive experience during every interaction with you. Every Team 360 member takes responsibility for exemplifying our quality policy and global focus.

Experience a new level of service

Our service goal is to engage, respond, and exceed your expectations through our Service 360 philosophy of reliability, proficiency, accessibility, empathy, responsiveness, and ethical principles.


  • Annual subscription plans are now available for maintaining validation
  • New P.A.C.E.® certified classes have been developed
  • Technical services now offers system optimization

Implementation Services
  • Achieve “go-live” efficiently with our professional project management, standard operating procedures creation, and process improvements. View details
Technical Services
  • Let our IT experts help you with system installation, hardware consultation, data conversion, and more. View details
Education Services
  • Learn to manage your processes more efficiently by accessing our latest software and industry education and earn certification credits. View details
Validation Services
  • Help ensure that your software “go-live” is efficient and in compliance by using our PeopleMED validation services. View details
Hosting Services  
  • Help reduce the risks to your mission-critical systems by allowing us to host your software remotely. View details
Client Support
  • Access our professional team (comprising medical technologists and specialists in blood banking support) to provide you with timely application assistance. View details
  • As your organization moves from the sales process through the implementation process to post go-live customer support, we pay close attention to your input and value what you have to say. Our perspective is that we are more than a vendor; we are your partner, supporting you in the delivery of quality healthcare.

Global Focus

  • Global Focus provides Team 360 members with the guidelines to build and manage relationships in the Service 360 spirit. These concepts have been created to clearly communicate to our members the principles and philosophies that direct our behavior when working with you to help ensure continuity in your service experience.

  • Our organization constantly strives to earn and retain your trust and respect by providing quality products and services. We work in an open and collaborative way to be responsive to your needs, which helps to build your confidence in us and our services.